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Suzuki Violin Program

Dr. Suzuki emphasized "teaching your child the skills to help them attempt the challenges that life sends his or her way."

About Our Suzuki Program



We currently offer Suzuki Violin instruction to children as young as four years of age. This Suzuki Violin Program consists of 30 minute weekly private lessons, parent classes and weekly group classes.

The Suzuki Violin method is based on the principal of first learning to listen and memorize music before reading notes. This approach allows the child to learn to play music with a good solid foundation. Shinichi Suzuki's theory of learning music is similar to the "mother tongue approach" where a child learns a new language by speaking words first before learning to read.

The violin is considered one of the most challenging instruments to learn. We believe in slowly introducing different elements of the instrument so the child can build their confidence step by step. This is similar to an infant who is constantly being immersed in the language spoken by the mother. The infant first learns a word, builds a vocabulary, and eventually forms sentences.  Correct posture, tone, and pitch are important aspects of playing the violin. If a child is trying to read music right away, the other basic fundamentals may suffer. The Suzuki method is more than 50 years old and is taught in virtually every music center in the world.


The parental involvement is very important to the success of the student. Parents in the program are positive, dedicated and supportive of their child. The parent's participation helps the child excel in private lessons, group classese, daily practice and performances.



Positive Reinforcement 

"Honest praises" is another important component for positive reinforcement. Learning to play the violin must happen in a logical, systematic and consistent way in order to be successful. In addition to a pedagogically sound method for developing the physical skills required to play an instrument, the Suzuki method aims to do so in an environment that is positive, supportive and that is reflective of the same patience we experience when a child is learning to speak or walk. The Suzuki Method adheres to this philosophy and, if applied to your child's musical training, will enrich the lives of your entire family. While consistent practice of any skill requires diligence and discipline, this can be accomplished through positive experiences that will in turn teach your child the skills to help them attempt the challenges that life sends his or her way. Dr. Suzuki's teaching goal was to nurture students to become noble human beings. He emphasized "teaching your child the skills to help them attempt the challenges that life sends his or her way."



Common Questions and Answers about the Suzuki Program



Q: When does the Suzuki Program start?


A: The Suzuki program is a year round program. Children who are accepted into our Suzuki Program can start anytime during the year.



Q: How old must a child be to enroll in the Suzuki Violin program?



A: A child must be at least 4 years old to be elgible for the Suzuki Violin program. There is no age limit, however all students must be approved by the Suzuki coordinator for this program. The general age of incoming students is 4-6 years old.



Q: Do you offer Suzuki Programs for Cello and Piano?


A: At this time, we offer only Suzuki Violin instruction.



Q: What if my child is already studying violin and wants to switch to the Suzuki Program?


A: Our Suzuki Violin Program is designed for students who are beginners. If your child is already taking violin lessons, he/she may not qualify for this program. If the student has started to take violin lessons recently they may be eligible to transfer over to the Suzuki Violin Program. The student must be approved by the Suzuki Violin coordinator. It is generally more difficult to switch over to the Suzuki Program than to start from scratch.



Q: I don't have any musical background or ability. Will I still be able to help my child practice?



A: Yes. The most helpful place for the parents to learn to become a "home teacher" is in their child's lessons. Parents are actually encouraged to rent a violin in the beginning to learn the instrument with their child. 




Q: What is the main difference between the Suzuki Violin Method and other violin methods?


A: The components of the Suzuki method include:

  • Posture emphasis
  • Reviewing repertoire
  • Group/private lessons
  • Listening and learning by ear
  • Parent involvement
  • Set repertoire 
  • Progression - set teaching points in each repertoire
  • Rewards (positive environment)
  • Delayed Reading
  • Beginning early
  • Tone emphasis
  • Natural learning environment


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Q: Is the Suzuki Method a group method ?


A: The Suzuki method is not a group method. The program consists of private weekly lessons, parent classes and some group classes and performances.




Q: I don't know much about the Suzuki program. How do I know if my child will thrive in this program?



A: We have a Suzuki coordinator who can answer all questions and concerns that you may have about this program. She will meet with you and your child and be able to assess if the Suzuki Violin Program is a good fit for you. The program may not be for everyone, so it is always best to meet in person.


Q: Can my child just participate in the Suzuki group classes even though they are not in the Suzuki Violin program?


A: Unfortunately the Suzuki group classes are only for those who are enrolled in the Suzuki Violin Program.



Q: How do I enroll my child or find out more information about your Suzuki Program?


A: Please contact the school at 818-957-7438 or email us at and the Suzuki coordinator will be in touch with you.


"All children can learn to a high level given the proper learning environment using the mother tongue method."